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GAVE was developed from a business consortium by a team of experts in a wide range of disciplines.


GAVE works towards consolidating the client’s position in the sector while taking advantage of future opportunities in domestic and international markets.


The services we provide are tailored to SMEs with productive capacity and competitive companies.


We provide tailored services to meet client requirements.







Export Services

  • Logistics and international transport management.
  • Technical-administrative management of international operations.
  • Risk assessment reports and credit and merchandise management.
  • Customs and tariff consultancy.

Import Services

  • Integral management of import processes. Full coverage of internation operations
  • Consultancy services. Integral advice on the procedure: search for suppliers, monitor the production chain, manage industrial reports, certificates, and inspections
GAVE Group
Through the Group's collaborations and infrastructure, GAVE manages or provides support in:
  • Project Management

    Analysis, and specific reports, logistics management, and administration of staff and production teams. PMO analysis
  • Digitalization

    Branding, digital strategy, positioning, and web development.
  • Corporate Finance

    BCompanies’ evaluation, capital raising, M&A and purchase-sale of companies.
  • Strategic Circular Economy

    Identification, measurement and implementation of sustainability-related solutions. Impact of waste management in the supply chain.
  • Prime customer positioning

    Opportunity of commercial establishment through our own commercial brands consolidated in our markets.
  • Financing

    Strategic-operational consulting line specialized in financial planning and comprehensive management of European subsidies and grants for strategic projects and sectors.

Business development

  • Posicionamiento Estratégico
  • Diseño Organizacional
  • Optimización del crecimiento
  • Implementación y Roadmaps
  • Ingeniería de procesos

What makes us different?

The team is comprised of professionals with extensive international background and commercial experience.

Our services

Commercial Outsourcing

Outsourcing of B2B sales executives, point of sale managers and direct sales networks.

Global Branding

Brand value and positioning. Recommendations on potential B2B clients. Marketing and Inbound/Outbound Sales.

Sales Channels

Ad-hoc administration of international sales channels based on client requirements. Management of representatives and priority countries.

Internationalization Plans

Strategic management for commercial and productive implementation in our markets. Export capacity studies and analysis of chosen markets.

Market Research

Customized reports according to the strategy chosen by the client. Benchmarking studies.

Commercial Missions

Assistance to trade missions, collaboration network with international chambers of commerce, and attendance to international fairs.

International Bidding

Awarding of construction works, supplies and/or services convened by international organizations and institutions.

Global Community

We are the link between the country of origin and the commercial entities in the destination. Therefore, our representatives have an excellent knowledge of the local market and its development.-

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Our multidisciplinary team advises all types of companies, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a free, non-binding analysis of the international performance of your business.
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